The Exotic Southern Lombok

From the Mountain to the Beach

The tour start from your hotel at 8 hrs and driving to the central Lombok. The first stop will made in a traditional market in Narmada to see many kinds of things the local people sell for their life. Vegetables, flesh, spices, animals or even clothes can be found in this kind of traditional market. You will learn how the local people in their traditional life.

The next stop will be made in the fruit shop on the street on the way to the waterfalls. You will find a lot of kinds of fruits from this tiny island such as manggos, rambutans, salak fruit, dragon fruit and so on. One special fruit called Durian can be tasted to find out more about this exotic fruit. The European people call this fruit Stinky Fruit. Keep your eyes open and don’t miss it!

The waterfalls Benangstokel and Benangklambu located on the southern slope of Mount Rinjani are our main destination today. It takes about 10 minutes walk through the rain forest to reach the first waterfall and 30 minutes more to the second one. It is your chance to enjoy the soft trekking through the rain forest.

The last stop will be made in the one of the most beautiful beaches in Lombok Selong Blanak beach. This around 5 km long beach ⛱ with width of 30 meters will make your stop more enjoyable. People can learn surfing or just swimming or sunbathing. It is good to chill around before you return back to your hotel.

For more information please call or text us per WhatsApp +62 811 390 1274 or Email: for more advises for your memorable stay in Lombok. We’ll see you in Lombok!

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