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Tetebatu Village

Amazing Soft Trekking in Tetebatu Village

This 3 – 4 hours soft trekking through the village and rice fields in Tetebatu east Lombok will make your stay in Lombok more memorable. Seeing people doing their jobs in the middle of the hot rice field for small money will make you to gratitude how good your life in your country is. This is a hard life for the local people.

There are some waterfalls people can visit in Tetebatu which are called Jerukmanis and Sarangwalet. But the thing that is not less beautiful is visiting the rain forest in Tetebatu. This is amazing place people can visit. You have a chance to watch the Black Monkey in their home.

There you are the nature lover. You will be mostly taken deep into the nature to feel the lush of real stress free life in the village far away from your busy life.

It takes only 1,5 hours from Kuta Lombok in the southern and Senggigi beach in the western Lombok.

For more information please text us per WhatsApp +62 811 390 1274 or Email: and see you in Lombok!

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