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Go and Explore the Beaches in Lombok

We can’t mention all the beautiful beaches in Lombok those are stretching along the coastlines in Lombok. The most popular one is very close to Kuta Lombok which is called Tanjung Aan. It is located in south coast about 5 km from Kuta Lombok. The beach is surrounded by mountainous areas which are called Bukit that people have very nice view of Tanjung Aan from the Bukit.

Driving more to the west from Tanjung Aan you will arrive in Mawun beach about 10 minutes ride from Kuta Lombok. Mawun beach is very charming place where people can enjoy the with swimming and sunbathing. There are many long chairs on the beach you can rent from the local people and foods are available at the many Warungs or local restaurants. This place is also surrounded by Bukit or hills that make the scenery more enjoyable.

Moving more to the west from Mawun beach you will arrive in Selong Blanak beach where your surfing experience begins. It is very good to start learning to surf here on this beach. As soon as you get off your vehicles people come to you to offer you surfing activities. Learning to surf in Selong Blanak beach is a good thing. Afternoon at between 15 hours – 16 hours you will see a herd of 10 to 20 buffaloes passing along the beach. That is amazing!

Last but not least. It is worth to mention the Pink beach here which is very popular lately. This beach is located further to the east about 1 hour drive from Kuta Lombok or 2,5 hours drive from Senggigi beach. This remote place has no good infrastructure to reach. The best way is a combination of snorkeling trip and beach visit of Pink beach. Beautiful underwater paradise with beautiful corals reef and fishes are waiting for you.

There are more beautiful beaches you can explore on the island of Lombok.

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