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A Trip to the Waterfalls in Northern Lombok

Sendanggila and Tiukelep Waterfalls

This tour starts in your hotel in Senggigi Beach and it goes to the north part of the island Lombok passing the beautiful views of northern coastline with nice view of Mount Agung in Bali to the beautiful waterfalls Sendanggila and Tiukelep. The first stop is the traditional market of Tanjung village which is actually capital city of north Lombok.

The trip continues to east passing the mountain views of Mount Rinjani and rice fields terraces. The next stop will be made in the oldest mosque in Lombok dated from 16 century. It has been renovated many time but it still has its original style.

The next stop will be made at the waterfalls Sendanggila and Tiukelep in another 10 minutes from the oldest mosque of Bayan. Please get prepared for a mount trekking through some 400 steps down to the waterfalls Sendanggila that take about some 15 minutes and another 30 minutes flat to the second waterfall Tiukelep passing the river. Get prepared to get wet feet!

After visiting those waterfalls you will have a chance to take a rest for 1 hour before we continue our trip today. During the resting you may enjoy the beautiful scenery of the rain forest at the restaurant where you can enjoy your lunch.

The next stop is the traditional village Bayan where you can see the traditional houses of the local people who still live according to their traditional lives and traditions.

Please call or text us per WhatsApp +62 811 390 1274 or Email: to get advises for your memorable stay in Lombok. See you in Lombok.

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